Niñas Arañas/ Spider Thieves
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Niñas Arañas/ Spider Thieves

Sat Sep 15 8:30 PM

PYT Fairfield
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
94 Mins | 2017 | Chile | Spanish with English subtitles | Feature
Sat Sep 15

Media superstars, thieves, heroines, teenage girls. The “Niñas Araña” resent their meagre existence in “Toma de Peñalolén”, a shantytown outside Santiago. 

Out of boredom, desire and with a bit of luck, they take hold of their destinies by breaking into wealthy apartments to steal all the luxuries they crave. 

Inspired by actual events, Niñas Araña is a tongue in cheek commentary on dreams, class, and unfulfilled expectations in contemporary Chile.

 Nominated: 2017 Huelva Latin American Film Festival Best New Director.  

The film succeeds at showing the inequality that is lived in Chile. The contradictions of a privileged world, how unattainable it is for some people, and the situations that bring these girls to perform the robberies, seem to have the coherence of real life… Niñas Araña is an interesting and dynamic story. – Iñaki Velásquez, GALAXIA UP

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