Pachamama Festival Fiesta: Indigenous Languages through Song

Pachamama Festival Fiesta: Indigenous Languages through Song

Sat Jun 22 7:00 PM

Addison Road Picture House
General Admission
All Ages
120 Mins
Sat Jun 22

In collaboration with the Addison Road Street Food Markets , the Pachamama Festival Fiesta will get you up and dancing, with some unique and eclectic performances. We’ll start in Australia, home of the oldest and continuous living culture to welcome us and connect us to this land and place, we’ll then go on a musical journey to the Bolivian Andes to connect with Quechua language complemented by sounds played with traditional instruments such as Charango, Zampońas mixed with contemporary rhythms of guitar, from there we’ll go to the island of Cuba, known for salsa and son, but this time we’ll get you dancing to Yoruba religion and language, where rhythms and songs are linked with the spirits that provide welfare to the community and afro mandingue will also bring a unique fusion of rhythms from West Africa.



This year we’ll have the honour to kick-start the Pachamama night music fiesta with a unique performance, acknowledging one of the oldest continuing cultures, by having traditional custodians of the Ngyiampaa Nation of northwest NSW: Peter (Dad), Leigh (Brother) and Charlenne, who will be sharing with us their language (Wongaibon), traditions and rhythms.

 ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait languages are not just a means of communication, they express knowledge about everything: law, geography, history, family and human relationships, philosophy, religion, anatomy, childcare, health, caring for country, astronomy, biology and food.

‘Each language is associated with an area of land and has a deep spiritual significance, and it is through their own languages that Indigenous nations maintain connection with their ancestors, land and law,’ 

Andes Quechua

Andes Quechua emerged from the vision of these two Bolivian musicians, their rhythm inspiration varies from traditional music from their ancestors Quechuas and Amaras to modern rhythms of today. Using instruments such as Charango, Zampoñas and guitar mixed with electronic beats. 

Their vision is to keep sound of their ancestors alive and connect with new generations. 

Quechua is the language of the Incas and the native language of greatest use in South America, extended from northern Argentina to southern Colombia, encompassing the present territories of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia . 

Yoruba music an African heritage in Cuba

Mixing cultural heritage from across continents taken from Africa to Cuba, Music from Yoruba language and religion will be honoured at this year’s Pachamama festival. Come and experience a unique cultural experience, where rhythms and songs are a fundamental link with the spirits that provide welfare to the community.

Afro Mandingue (Western Africa)

To honour the connections between the Afro-Latin roots,  The Lucky African Dance team will bring to Pachamama this year a unique fusion of artistry and culture to deliver transformational rhythm and dance experiences. Drawing on the unique expertise and talents of a range of African and multicultural drummers and dancers Lucky African Dance always brings one of kind performances, that are sure to get you up and moving.


Pachamama this year will collaborate with Addi Road’s Street Food Markets, featuring  food from around the world prepared by refugee and asylum seeker communities.


Building on last years success we’ll be having on Saturday night craft market, featuring local artists offering unique crafts, bound  together by the common thread of environmental and indigenous sustainability, embodying a core ethos of Pachamama Festival. 

Pachamama Festival Fiesta: Indigenous Languages through Song is a free event, please register for your ticket below

Sat Jun 22

Addison Road Picture House

142 Addison Road Marrickville, NSW, 2204

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