Ukamau y Ké/ That's How It Is, And What!
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Ukamau y Ké/ That's How It Is, And What!

Sat Jun 22 3:00 PM

Addison Road Picture House
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Sat Jun 22

Andino hip hop artist Abraham Bojórquez (Ukamau y Ké) shook the Bolivian music scene with his socially conscious lyrics sung in Aymara and his charismatic performance style.

"During all this time I’ve seen plenty of dead.
This has made me, a rebel with a cause.

My race has survived this for more than 500 years.
If our people don’t unite, we will end up destroyed equally...

This is Latin America,

This is Andean America."

In each of his songs, Abraham proudly referred to his roots as the son of migrants peasants. “We have to be proud of our identity that is what we are “. 

When he was 11 he emigrated to Sao Paulo , Brazil. He worked in sewing factories and learned hip hop in the Brazilian favelas.

” I have a job / they keep selling me / the American dream and the European / Many already want to go from here / others pass and others die / by stepping in Yankee land . ” 

Upon returning to Bolivia , the first thing he did was to share his vision of hip hop with his cousins and then with friends, and created Ukamau y ké , saying he identifies himself with the name, meaning ” That’s How It Is, And What!?”

He died violently in 2009 when he was just 27 years old, at the peak of his musical career. 

Ecuadorian rapper and director Andrés Ramírez returns to Bolivia to uncover the reasons for his friend’s death and the legacy left by this intensely creative soul. As his journey unfolds, Ukamau y Ké comes back to life through archive video footage, interviews, and dream visions.

After the screening we open the doors of the Picture House and celebrate 2019: The Year of Indigenous Languages with a free event.


Pachamama this year will collaborate with Addi Road’s Street Food Markets, featuring  food from around the world prepared by refugee and asylum seeker communities.


Building on last years success we’ll be having on Saturday night craft market, featuring local artists offering unique crafts, bound  together by the common thread of environmental and indigenous sustainability, embodying a core ethos of Pachamama Festival.

Find out more about this free event below.

Sat Jun 22

Addison Road Picture House

142 Addison Road Marrickville, NSW, 2204

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