Mantis Nest / Nido de Mantis
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Mantis Nest / Nido de Mantis

Sat Sep 21 8:00 PM

Casula Powerhouse Art Centre
General Admission
Sat Sep 7

Sat Sep 21

Arturo Sotto (Boccaccerías Habaneras, La noche de los inocentes) challenges viewers with his latest feature involving an epic love story and apparent murder.

It's the summer of 1994 in the small Cuban village of Siboney and 24-year-old Sugar has only ten days to convince the authorities that she is not guilty of the murder of her parents. To prove her innocence, she tells the story of her parents Elena, Emilio and Tomás, enmeshed in a love triangle for more than forty years. 

Since their youth, Elena has been at the centre of the love of two men of very different social classes, and their unconventional love story takes place against the backdrop of the revolution. Mantis Nest is a cinematic adventure not to be missed.

2018 Coral - Special Jury Prize at the 40th Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana